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Reviews for Taybarn, Barnsley

Taybarn Currently has an average of 2

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Review by dazzafromtarn


Added On:
2nd, Aug 2012


Sorry but this place is a bit of a letdown. the food is picked to death,the main drawback of self service.No chicken in the curry,no beef in the black bean sauce etc etc .Huge sausages and burgers (wouldn`t like to guess the meat contenet)..The previous reviewer said the kids love it..They throwing food around as they wander round the counters spilling food on the floor (unintentionally I think but the kids should not be allowed unaccompanied to the service area).I saw a guy helping himself to salad with HIS FINGERS...Majority of the clientele were tracksuit wearing hero`s, with the sole intention of stacking as much food as posibble on a single plate.Of every type.`Curry`,`Pizza`,`Carvery`...On the same plate. I didnt like my time here,chaos,noisy,messy.Being barged around by chubby legged women chasing unruly children..Wouldn`t come back.Cost me £26 for me,my wife and two toddlers. That was off peak. Go somewhere else instead...

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Review by TownTalk Review Team


Added On:
15th, Aug 2011


There has to be something appealing about arriving at a restaurant which is already full and buzzing with the hum of satisfied customers.
The Taybarn is an all-you-can-eat family restaurant, where for just £7.95, you can enjoy a carvery, freshly cooked pizza, lasagne, freshly cooked Chinese, or simply a burger or sausage with chips. Salads are plentiful and then thereís a wide choice of cakes and ice creams to finish. For choice there really are no complaints.
For newcomers to the restaurant it takes a little getting used to, with no clear direction as you enter, about how to order and why youíve been given an empty glass!!
However, this all adds to the mystery, and once seated, the freedom to choose and to re-fill your glass with soft drinks as often as you like, creates a dynamic, informal atmosphere, which children are bound to love.
Activity is all around, as people leave their seats to try something new and children are forever going to the soda fountain! For the money conscious bargain hunters, they too seemed to enjoy the value that is on offer, in this American-style free dining concept.

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